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April Programme now also includes open Hitwise workshop

The key question for this month's Digital Editors Network meeting, as well the Journalism Leaders Forum on 29 April, is pretty straightforward: Where's the money?

To help us get some answers (and to phrase some more nuanced questions), we've lined up speakers from inside and outside the mainstream media. Here's un update on the programme:

Venue: Room 273, Greenbank Building, University of Central Lancashire in Preston. (Directions).

Parking: Several car parking spaces have been booked on the visitors' car park in front of the Foster Building. Participants who want to make use of these need to report to the attendant and say they are for the Digital Editors Network - he will show them where to park. (Of course, the venue is only a 10-minute walk from the train station.)


1-45pm - Registration & buffet lunch. (name tags are being provided following feedback from last meeting)
1:45-2:30pm - Peter Boler, head of digital sales at Manchester Evening News

This month's meeting

The audience for media websites continues to grow, but can we make online revenues growing accordingly?

We often hear about the new ideas for increasing audiences and interaction on our sites, but what’s fresh when it comes to increasing the money we earn from those expanding audiences?

This month’s Digital Editors’ Network meeting on April 29th takes a detailed look at what media companies are doing to monetise their web offerings and how advertisers’ expectations are changing.

Digital editors from a wide range of regional newspapers and other media will contribute to the discussion with their own examples of good practice, but the meeting will also benefit from the contributions from three key speakers, each with their own perspective on the issue.

Ruth Spratt, digital and broadcast director for the Manchester Evening News group, will give an insight into how her company’s business model is adapting the challenges and opportunities of digital publishing.

Paul Bradshaw, author of the Onli…