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#DENDATAMEET Data Alchemy: new sources, innovative uses,

Ollie Jones might have had a point, but I think there's a case to be made that in the Digital Age it's data, not love, that makes the world go round.
How can news publishers access useful sources of data and how can they put it to use to serve users and to build revenue?
That's the theme for the next Digital Editors Network meeting on May 12th at the offices of Northwest Vision & Media at Media City in Salford Quays.
Speakers are:
Julian Tait, an organiser of the FutureEverything conference who's working to make Manchester the UK's first OpenData City.Paul Bradshaw, author of the Online Journalism Blog and convenor of the HelpMeInvestigate project.Martin Bellam, information architect for the the, the information architect in the Guardian's web development team. He blogs at Currybetdonet. Propublica reporterOlga Pierceand news application developer Jeff Larson will discuss the process of building layered data stories at the Pulitzer Prize-win…