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Attention News Entrepreneurs: IPI News Innovation Contest winner wants to help you

One of three winners in the International Press Institute’s News Innovation Contest 2011, the co-convenor of the Digital Editors Network plans to use his funding to support news entrepreneurs.

Fran├žois Nel, Director of the Journalism Leaders Programme at UCLan, beat off stiff competition from 300 other projects, to be named as one of only three winners who will share a $600, 000 grant from Googlefor projects in across Mali, Turkey, France, the Netherlands and the UK.

Nel said he will use his grant to launch the Media And Digital Enterprise (MADE) project, which aims to equip digital innovators in the UK and Turkey with the cutting-edge knowledge and skills required to start up and sustain innovative new journalistic enterprises in the public interest.

“With easy access to new and cheap technology, starting up a new media enterprise is pretty straightforward; keeping it up is much more complex," said Nel. "That’s the key challenge MADE will tackle."

Nel, who researches and c…

Join the #den2011 conversation live here

<a href="" >#den2011 Digital Editors Network autumn meetup</a>
The Digital Editors Network line up for 20th October is:

13h00 -13h45 Registration & lunch 13h45 - Welcome
13h55 -14:45 - Cliff Langley & Dawn Archer
14h45-15h20 - March Reeves
15h20-16h45 - Break 16h45-16h15 - Grig Davidovitz
16h15-16h45 - Paul Galaghar
1645 Wrap up 17h00 - Networking reception 18h00 - 19h15 14th Journalism Leaders Forum & live Webcast: "The Future of UK Press Regulation: Is there a Third Way", in collaboration with the UK Society of Editors. Informal discussions continue at the Lamb & Packet

Twitter conversation: #den2011

Diary note: Want to join us next time? The next Digital Editors Network is 24 February 2012. Theme: Invention + exploitation = innovation. Confirmed speaker: Nick Jaspan, serial entrepreneur and founder of

Leading media innovators contribute to Autumn 2011 DEN meeting, master classes and Forum

Leading innovators in digital media content, multi-platform designand online business models are lined up for two days of Digital Editors Networkmaster classes, meetings and meetups on October 20th and 21st in Preston.

Thursday, October 20th

09:00- 15:00 Master Class: TruthTelling. Have you ever been deceived?In an interview for a new recruit? By a business partner or client? By a colleague? By a news source?
The Truth Telling Master Class with Cliff Lansley and Dr Dawn Archer will interest all who are concerned about the validity of what we hear read and see. Cliff is managing director of Paul Ekman International, whichhas been established to make emotional skills and deception detectionprogrammes accessible across the world, and Dawn is Reader in CorpusLinguistics at the Universityof Central Lancashire, where her internationally-rated research includesusing computer aided linguistic analysis to identify implicit/“hidden”messages.
More details about the master class, which suitable for p…

Help shape the DEN programme for 2011/12

Restoring trust. Reviving revenues. Republishing across multiple mobile devices. Recruiting and retaining talent, inside and outside of the organisation. There's a long list of challenges that digital media businesses face.

What we (that's the DEN convenors Nick & Francois) would like to know is what themes you want discussed at the three meetings we're planning for the coming year. And, of course, we would also welcome suggestions and volunteers to present.

Please post your feedback here, or get in touch with Francois Nel / , @francoisnel or Nick Turner / / @nickincumbrian.

The dates are:
Autumn, 20st October 2011 in Preston (confirmed)
Winter, 21th Feb 2012 in Preston (confirmed)
Spring 2012, May (TBC)
The Digital Editors' Network works to connect media innovators and relies on the volunteer efforts of participants and presenters, along with the hospitality and little hard cash from UCLAN and Vision + Media. And we welcome …

Play it again: #socialden slides and links

You can visit, revisit or replay the presentations from the #sociaden meetup, Social Media & Publishers: mobilizing, managing, measuring and monetizing the engagement, on 24th May 2011 in Preston by checking out the live blog log or by following these links to the speakers' slides:
Journalism Leaders Programme director Francois Nel's slides with findings from the 2010 World News Future and Change Study* and the ongoing Where Else Is the Money? project (*Newpaper executies can participate in the 2011 survey here - and get a free copy of the final report). Facebook's Karla Geci's slides. The Independent, the I paper & Evening Standard’s Jack Riley's slides Institute for Analytic Journalism’s Tom Johnson slides (to be posted soonest). Social Media consultant Paul Teague 'sslidesAlso see Clare Cook's blog for a summaries of presentations by Karla, Jack, Tom and Paul .

Diary note: the Autumn 2011 Digital Editors' Network meeting is slated for Tu…

#socialden coming to you live on 24th May - wherever you are

Anyone who still doubts that mainstream media are no longer the gatekeepers of mass communication and knowledge dissemination would do well to talk to Hosni Mubarak. Or to ‘CTB’.

With over five billion mobile phones in use, over 100 million smart phones sold per quarter (Q4 2010), 175 million Twitter accounts*, 600 million Facebook users (Jan 2011), one billion Google search queries per day (Mar 2011), news publishers (and others) are grappling with how they best to link and to leverage the power of social media.

That challenge is under the spotlight at the spring meeting of the Digital Editors Network at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston in Tuesday, 24th May 2011. Those leading the discussion on "Social Media & Publishers: mobilizing, managing, measuring and monetizing the engagement," will include executives from Facebook, The Independent and the Centre for Analytic Journalism.

The program, outlined below, will be Webcast here and also blogged live by UCLan …

#socialden2011 Social Media and Publishers: mobilizing, managing, measuring and monetizing the engagement

As we grapple with how to grow audience engagement through social media, it's obvious that we must understand more about how to manage, measure and monetize our activities.

Our Spring 2011 meeting of the Digital Editors’ Network will give you a chance to hear from executives of Facebook, The Independent and the Institute for Analytical Journalism about the opportunities and practicalities of implementing a social media strategy during in a Chatham House Rules-discussion in Preston.

The programme will run from 1:45-5pm on May 24th, with registration & lunch from 1pm in Scholars Restaurant in Foster Building on the University of Central Lancashire's Preston City campus. A networking reception will follow until 6pm.

 Leading the discussion will be:

Karla Geci is Strategic Partner Development for Facebook and former head of marketing for Bebo. Karla works with broadcasters, media companies and content owners who want to leverage the Facebook Platform to build social appli…

#djcamp2011 Data+Journalism+Camp @ Vision+Media, Manchester

Recently Paul Bradshaw asked this question on The Guardian Data Blog:

“Data journalism is huge. I don't mean 'huge' as in fashionable - although it has become that in recent months - but 'huge' as in 'incomprehensibly enormous'. It represents the convergence of a number of fields which are significant in their own right - from investigative research and statisticsto design and programming. The idea of combining those skills to tell important stories is powerful - but also intimidating. Who can do all that?"

One answer: Tom Johnson can. And during this two-day workshop Tom, a former editor of theScientific American and co-founder of the Institute for Analytic Journalism, will help you get started, too.

Organised by the Digital Editors Network's Data Taskgroup and sponsored by Vision + Media and the Journalism Leaders Programme at UCLAN, this handson workshop is aimed at journalists who are new to or recently responsible for turning data into stories…