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Help shape the DEN programme for 2011/12

Restoring trust. Reviving revenues. Republishing across multiple mobile devices. Recruiting and retaining talent, inside and outside of the organisation. There's a long list of challenges that digital media businesses face.

What we (that's the DEN convenors Nick & Francois) would like to know is what themes you want discussed at the three meetings we're planning for the coming year. And, of course, we would also welcome suggestions and volunteers to present.

Please post your feedback here, or get in touch with Francois Nel / , @francoisnel or Nick Turner / / @nickincumbrian.

The dates are:
Autumn, 20st October 2011 in Preston (confirmed)
Winter, 21th Feb 2012 in Preston (confirmed)
Spring 2012, May (TBC)
The Digital Editors' Network works to connect media innovators and relies on the volunteer efforts of participants and presenters, along with the hospitality and little hard cash from UCLAN and Vision + Media. And we welcome …