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#communityDEN: BBC News set to host the autumn DEN meetup on engaging news communities

Are you thinking about innovative ways to engage with news communities? 
Then participate in the next Digital Editors Network meeting on November 19th at BBC Broadcasting House, where the discussions will focus on how digital publishers are trying to reach new audiences – on a local, national and global scale.
The term itself is quite complex and includes all sorts of audience sub-groups, defined by gender, age, economic status, race or origin. Yet the mobile and social revolution has unquestionably opened opportunities for news sector growth, provided audience acquisition is approached correctly.

We’ll learn about the latest research into youth news habits around the world, debate the fragmentation of audiences, and discuss the latest techniques that publishers (and other sectors) employ to engage audiences and build communities on digital platforms. Welcoming participants to the event is someone who is thinking about those topics and beyond is James Montgomery, Director of Digital Deve…

Dates to diarise in the Autumn 2015 - and ways to get involved with DEN

Those who joined in the Spring 2015 Digital Editors Network meetup at the Wall Street Journal know it will be a hard act to follow.

But the DEN convenors have been working at it. And while we can't yet announce the hosts (details, details), we can confirm that we'll be meeting on November 12th 19th in London. Please book the date.

DEN is a community, not a membership association or an events company. So, we welcome (and rely on) contributors. Be in touch if you'd like help by speaking, sponsoring, hosting or helping with arrangements. Our email is digitaleditorsnetwork @

Also on our minds and in our autumn calendar are:

Community and Hyperlocal Event on 9th September 2015 in Cardiff. The School of Journalism’s Centre for Community Journalism (C4CJ), in collaboration with the UK’s innovation foundation Nesta, will hold a one-day event about community and hyperlocal media before the bi-annual Future of Journalism academic conference kicks off. The open event wil…

Wall Street Journal set to host DEN's Spring 2015 meetup in London on new formats for news

The next Digital Editors Network meeting on June 9th will look at new digital platforms for news - but will also explore how innovative media organisations are grappling with and rethinking the news experiences they create there. Which new formats work best now? What are innovators planning for next?  Hosting the discussion is just such a forward thinker’: John Crowley, The Wall Street Journal’s Digital Editor for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Speakers at the meeting on the 17th floor of News Corporation’s UK headquarters at London Bridge will include the BBC World Service's mobile Apps editor Trushar Barot on why his WhatsApp experiment convinced management to develop a formal instant-messaging news strategy; Tom Phillips on what new formats work for Buzzfeed and what ’type' of coders they are looking to hire to build them; why Edward Miller of believes that the end of Google Glass is just the start of virtual reality; and how Quartz engages audiences with data…