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#qualityDEN What's the future for quality journalism?

If the future of quality journalism is on your mind, then you won't want to miss the Spring 2017 meeting of the Digital Editors’ Network meeting on June 20th.
Hosted by Twitter's Rob Owers at its London offices in Soho and co-sponsored by the editorial software firm Desk-Net, the meeting will focus on how quality journalism can overcome two of its biggest challenges – the corrosive impact of misinformation, and the continuing search for sustainable business models.
Along with Twitter's Global Head of News Peter Greenberger, speakers from Twitter,Facebookthe BBC, Trinity Mirror, Full Factthe Conversation, theLondon School of Economics and Political Science,and University of Central Lancashire will lead the discussions that will kick off at 3pm and conclude at 7pm with a networking reception.

Confirmed speakers are: 
Peter Greenberger, Global Head of News at Twitter  Aine Kerr, Head of Journalism Partnership at FacebookCharlie Beckett, Professor & Founding Director of LS…

#qualityDEN - Mark 20 June 2017 in your diary! We'll be meeting at Twitter

This much we have finalized:

1. The time, place & host: Rob Owers of Twitter has stepped up to host the Spring 2017 meeting of the Digital Editors Network in London on 20 June 2017.

2. The theme: Quality News?

"All the concerns about #fakenews raises a key question: How do we get to a working definition of what is quality news?" says DEN co-convener Fran├žoisNel"This is no small concern. The parameters of 'quality news' will underpin decisions about the news stories, news creators and news brands that get discovered - and rewarded - through social and search. And those deemed to provide quality news are  also likely to get the support of regulators, avoid the wrath of legislators and be foregrounded in public discourse.

"What we do know, is that that quality cannot simply be defined by popularity or progeny, on the one hand. On the other hand, it's not helpful to simply say that quality, like beauty, is in the eye (or click) of the beholder. We ne…