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Let's work together

What is the point of the Digital Editors’ Network?
After all, we already have the new media landscape being discussed online at Media Guardian, Press Gazette,, holdthefrontpage, the Sociey of Editors, the Online Journalism Review and a wide variety of media industry and academic blogs.
The usp has to be in the last word - Network – and the ability to connect people charged with delivering the digital revolution on a day to day basis.
It might be a utopian idea born from the less competitive media environment here in Cumbria, but the aim is to develop a way for media websites managers to discuss the nuts and bolts issues with people in similar jobs.
So we might be able to share tips or ask each other questions about how certain website features work or indeed whether they work.
Already we have been able to pass on work done with the Newspaper Society on ways of developing reactive moderation for forums and blogs.
You’ll find other websites that regurgitate press releases or other forums that discuss the direction of the digital revolution.
But the Digital Editors’ Network is about helping those of us who are responsible for making it happen.
We might be able to work out together the best ways to tackle issues such as search engine optimisation, maximising the potential of videos, developing ad revenues and increasing user generated content.
In many cases this can be achieved with a phone call or email to ask: Have you tried this? Or how does that feature on your website work?
Hopefully, we can do this in a way that is not constrained by the competition between rival media.
It’s early days yet, but if you want to be involved please get in touch.
Watch this space for more details of Digital Editors’ Network events at the University of Central Lancashire.

Nick Turner
Head of digital content, CN Group


Dennis Foy said…
As I see it there are two problems holding back the professional blogging environment; the lack of time on the part of busy journalists (who might also be thinking along the lines of "why blog for free when I can be doing something that has a financial value attached to it?") and the complexity of drawing together disparate blogs, the authors of which could well be unaware of what is being written elsewhere. I combine a working life as a freelance journalist with being a senior media lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton and I'm guilty of both...
Nick Turner said…
Fair comment.
But my thought about the Digital Editors' Network is not that it generates a blog to rival Greenslade or Buzz Machine, but that it facilitates communication between journalists working on media websites.
Other environments provide discussion about the direction/or merits of change, but there is another level of discussion to be had about what actually works or sharing solutions to problems we all face in our jobs.
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