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Let's get going

After Tuesday’s meeting at UCLAN’s journalism department I think we can now say that the Digital Editors’ Network is now up and running.
For the record the meeting was attended by: Nick Turner (CN Group); Francois Nel (UCLAN); Mike Hill (LEP, Johnston Press); Andy Dickinson (UCLAN); Craig McGinty (freelancer); Robin Hamman (BBC); Martin Stabe (Press Gazette); Jane Singer (UCLAN); John Baron (Wakefield Express); David Rowell (Johnston Press).
Apologies and expression of support were received from numerous other digital editors from papers such as the Manchester Evening News, Liverpool Echo, Yorkshire Evening Post, Wolverhampton Express & Star and Bolton Evening News.
There seems to be broad agreement that there is a need or “gap in the market” for a network that helps digital editors and journalists exchange information and views.
During the meeting we discussed a number of issues such as the level we are pitching DEN ie is it for strategic managers or journalists?
We also talked about the best way to carry the idea forward and the part this blog, a google group and meetings or social events might play in the development of DEN.
Obviously some of these issues will become clearer once we see what support the idea has and who is prepared to support the discussion on this blog.
We agreed that as a start we would get the online discussion going so that people could see that something was happening and would commit to sharing best practice.
So please contribute to this blog – with both ideas for the network and information or questions that you think would contribute to the discussion.
And if you know of anybody in the industry you think would benefit from being part of DEN please point them in this direction.


Anonymous said…
I'm pointing myself at DEN - looks extremely useful to me. I've been publishing content on my mobile blog since 2003. I normally post using my cellphone but can fall back to PC if necessary. It started off with text-only entries, then I enhanced it with images and short video as cellphones became better. I'm a freelancer (with press pass) and can "report live" from anywhere there's a signal. Although I'm essentially a "citizen journalist" I do hold a press pass and would like to meet "other like-minded people".
Nick Turner said…
Great, thanks for your support

Nick Turner
dave barton said…
I'm very interested in participating in any forums, roundtables, meetings etc. I've recently been taken on as the On-line Editor at GDS Publishing - an international B2B publisher. Already the stonewall is taking shape!
I'm very interested in participating in any forums, roundtables, meetings.
In Brazil also to Journalism in
Thank you for sharing.