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Follow #dendatameet live from 13:15-17:00 BST on 12 May

Can't make it to Salford Quays today? Why not join the #DENDATAMEET discussion here from 13:15. The programme is below.

  • 13.15 Welcome and introductions:
  • Maureen Walker, Head of Broadcast, Music and Publishing, will introduce the session and say a few words about Vision+Media.
  • DEN's co-convenors Fran├žois

  • Nel (UCLan) and
  • Nick Turner (CN Group) will chair the discussions.
  • The Speakers
  • 13.30 Julian Tait is one of the organizers of the FutureEverything conference, that is working to make Manchester the UK’s first OpenData City.
  • 14.00 Paul Bradshaw is the author of the Online Journalism Blog, and convenor of the HelpMeInvestigate project.
  • 14.30 Martin Belam is the information architect in the Guardian’s web development team. He also blogs at Currybetdonet.
  • 15.15 BREAK
  • 15.45 Propublica reporter Olga Pierce and news application developer Jeff Larson will discuss the process of building layered data stories at the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative news site.
  • 16.15 Are you and your organisation struggling to respond to the scope and the pace of the challenges? Oscar Westlund, a Swedish mobile researcher, suggests there are lessons to be learned from Jujitsu.
  • 16.45 Wrap up


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