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#smartDEN Smart Content (not Smart Data) in the spotlight at the Autumn 2013 DEN meetup in London

There’s been a lot of talk about ‘Smart Data’ of late, but the focus shifts to ‘Smart Content’ at the next Digital Editors Network meetup on 15 October at News UK, 3 Thomas More Street, London.

‘I see Smart Content as Social, Measurable (yes, we need data too), Audience-focussed, Rewarding (for all involved) and Timely,’ says François Nel, a co-founder of DEN and director of the Journalism Leaders Programme at the University of Central Lancashire, who worked with Lucia Adams, deputy head of Digital for The Times and The Sunday Times, and Nick Turner, head of digital for the CN Group, to convene the event.

To help further define the concept, share lessons learned through practice and to consider the way forward, they’ve invited a variety of media innovators to what is being called #smartDEN. John Witherow, acting editor of The Times, will welcome participants and presenters, including:
The programme will run from 2pm to 6pm on the 13th Floor of NewsUK’s offices near Tower Bridge, where the great views are sure to provide a suitable backdrop for the lively discussions and networking reception that will follow until 7:30pm. There is no charge for DEN meetups, though donations are invited to cover expenses.

Additional presenters to be confirmed. And, as always, suggestions for speakers and sponsorship are welcome.


Since 2007, the Digital Editors Network has worked to link media innovators, whether they work inside, outside or alongside mainstream media organisations. You can connect with DEN by liking our Facebook page, joining our Linkedin group , or following us on Twitter @DENupdates or this blog .

If you'd like to contribute ideas, speak, host, sponsor or collaborate on a future DEN meetup or workshop, contact the convenors François Nel at FPNel @, Nick Turner at nick.turner @ , or Lucia Adams at lucia.adams @ .


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