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#visualDEN: If making, managing and monetizing visual content is on your agenda, register now for the next DEN meetup on 5 June at FT - now also with interactive hookup to JoziHub

 [Update 19/05/2014: Reserve your space at the interactive hookup to JoziHub, South Africa, HERE from 20/05/2014]

Visual content is top of mind in newsrooms and boardrooms. And it's also on the agenda for next Digital Editors Network meetup hosted by the Financial Times on 5 June 2014, with a live, interactive hookup to Johannesburg.

So, who is doing good things? Who is doing it best? What do we need to know? And what do we need to avoid at all costs?

 "The often-repeated claim that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text is probably bollocks," says DEN co-founder François Nel. "But there's no doubt visuals are critical to effective communication. As we struggle to navigate a world awash 24/7 with waves of information, perhaps it has never been more important that today."

Lisa MacLeod 
And if visual media are important to users, its also darn important to those in the business of making media, said Nel who worked with Lisa MacLeod, head of operations for and Financial Times associate editor, and Steve Matthewson, group managing editor for BDFM,  to convene the event that's co-sponsored by Desk-Net , JoziHub and Google Africa.

To help us sift through the hype, share practical lessons learned and consider the way forward, we've invited a variety of media innovators to what is being called #visualDEN, including:

  • David Ottewell, head of the data journalism unit at Trinity Mirror
  • Adam Westbrook, digital producer on why it's time to rethink visual story telling from the ground up. [Updated: 28/04/2014]
  • Sarah Hartley and Will Perrin, Talk About Local on what your competitors could do with access to new, free augmented reality functionality for mobile. [Updated: 13/05/2014]
  • Lulu Pinneyfreelance infografista 
  • Alan Hunter, head of digital at The Times and The Sunday Times
  • Martin Stabehead of interactive news at the Financial Times

Discussion will be chaired by Lucia Adams, deputy head of Digital for The Times and The Sunday Times, Nick Turner, head of digital for the CN Group and François Nel. Additional presenters are to be confirmed. 

The programme on Thursday, June 5th, will run from 2pm to 6pm at the Financial Times offices, with registration opening at 1:30pm and conversations afterwards spilling over into a networking reception that wraps at 7:30pm. The closest tube stations are Tower Bridge and Mansion House 

We aim not to charge for DEN meetups, though a donation of £10 or more is invited to cover expenses. To reserve one of the 80 places available at the FT, please register HERE.Register for the JoziHub hookup HERE.

Since 2007, the Digital Editors Network has worked to link media innovators, whether they work inside, outside or alongside mainstream media organisations.  You can connect with DEN by liking our Facebook page, joining our Linkedin group , or following us on Twitter @DENupdates or this blog .

If you'd like to contribute ideas, speak, host, sponsor or collaborate on a future DEN meetup or workshop, contact the convenors François Nel at FPNel @, Nick Turner at nick.turner @ , or Lucia Adams at lucia.adams @ .


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