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#distributedDEN Diary Note: We''ll be talking to social media tech companies not simply about them when we next meet on 8 September 2016

That social media are playing an increasinly important role in the process of making and distributing news is widely acknowledge.

And, not suprisingly, there's lots of talk amongst news publisher about what social media means for their business.

What's rare is a conversation with social media platforms about what a sound, sustainable relationship between those who create news and those who re-aggregate and re-distribute news might look like now - and going forward.

That's precisely what we aim to convene when DEN next meets on 8 September 2016 in London.

We'll soon be announcing our host and the publshers and platforms who will lead the discussion. This is certainly a date to diarise.

If you've not been to DEN meetup before and would like to get advance notices, join our mailing list HERE (We don't pass along contact details, ever!)